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When words escape me, in conversation or argument, I always assume I’m entitled to a do-over. (Some call it, “needing the last word” – but let’s not get hung up on semantics.)

My do-overs inevitably take the form of a comic – presented after the fact – scrawled on paper with the things that I could or should have said, spoken by a cast of comic characters – some of them quite deranged.

I have littered the lives of those around me with hundreds of drawings on scraps of paper with messages, my professions of love or lust, and my – also quite deranged – worries.

Some of these comics and characters – I’m not sure you could call them favourites exactly – memorable for whatever reason I guess – have stuck with – or maybe disturbed their recipients enough – that they have kept them. I admit, this has surprised me – that they have kept them I mean.

With no real proof, I have chosen to view this as encouragement enough to create BirdsBehindBars.com and now will litter the lives of all of you with these characters – and, as I said, some of them are quite deranged – the characters I mean – not you.

I hope some of them stick with you too. There. I said it.

~Asher Train~

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